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         "My daughter Margarita has been taking piano lessons with Janna only for six months. She never played before but we already see a significant progress. Janna quickly finds the best way to communicate with a child. Margarita enjoyes going to Janna's classes. She became more confident and does better at school. Janna is a true professional, musician, teacher and psychologist  - all in one." - Margarita's Mom.
          "My daughter Anna has been learning to play piano with Janna for only six months but we already see a tremendous progress. We are very happy that we are taking Janna’s classes. Anna likes her classes very much and she enjoys practicing at home. Janna knows how to find a right approach to each child and get him or her interested. In my opinion, Janna is a gifted teacher, who can explain complicated things in a very simple comprehensible manner. When my sister, a pianist who works in Paris, heard my daughter playing, she said that she could see technique of a great teacher." - Anna's Mom.
        "It is an honor for me to recommend Janna Usmanova as a piano teacher. My 9 year old son has been taking piano lessons with Janna for over 4 years now. Janna is a wonderful and inspiring teacher. I have observed that she always tailors the lessons to the student by hand
picking all the pieces which suits the student's level and interest.Her teaching style includes a healthy amount of music theory along with playing. Also she pays a remarkable amount of attention to details involved in playing techniques - hand position, finger position, wrist movement, articulation ... I am really glad that we found Janna. My son has progressed tremendously under Janna's teaching. Thank you, Janna!" - Nandita's Mom.
          "Janna is an excellent piano teacher and I like her very much. She has taught me piano since I was 5 years old. I really like learning to play the piano with her as it is fun. She gives me challenging pieces to and makes it simple and easy for me to understand. She encourages me to do my best and has high expectations for me." - Nakul, student.
       "Ms. Janna is a wonderful piano teacher who has helped me improve my technique and encourages me to practice regularly with her positive feedback. I enjoy taking classes from Ms. Janna." - Malavika, student.
     "Mrs. Janna is an excellent experienced piano teacher. We started piano class with her last November. During the past few months, all my three kids, age 7, 8 and 9 have enhanced their piano skill dramatically. I am very impressed with Mrs. Janna’s teaching method. She is also an expert in picking interesting music for kids. My first two kids were level 2 when they started with Janna. Because of her unique teaching style, they received CA Youth Piano competition first place and second place, respectively."
       "I can hardly believe that a teacher can make such a big difference in a short period pf time. We are very happy with her teaching, and really thrilled to see my kids’ big progress." - Parent: Xiaowei, mother of Caren, John and Cassia.
       “Janna is a very enthusiastic teacher. She is very dedicated and makes sure students learn properly. She has lots of patience while teaching. She gives enormous encouragement to her students. She also challenges her student to do good by teaching higher level pieces of piano. She is very consistent and encourages students to practice every day. She is very well organized in the sense that she maintains every child’s progress. She really spends time with each child. In short, she is a very wonderful teacher and I would always recommend her over any other teacher.” – Snigdha’s Mom.
       “Janna is a really patient teacher. She repeats whatever I don’t understand. She is really nice. She teaches everything at good pace.” – Snigdha, student.

  “My kid started learning piano less than a year but she plays very well. She can read music with simple notes and seems to enjoy it. I am happy with the way she (teacher) teaches my kid.” – Christina’s father.
  “I really love piano ever since I started. I went to Mrs. Janna’s class for less than a year, but I think I learned a lot and I think my teacher is the best of all.” – Christina.
"Janna is a wonderful teacher - absolutely the best! She affords her students the opportunity to grow musically, as well as develop their inner confidence as they are given the opportunity to play in recital and competitions. I was amazed at the progress my daughter made in just the first six months with Janna. My daughter has now been with Janna for two years and plays beautifully. My only wish is that I had started her earlier with Janna. Thank you Janna for being such a talented and wonderful teacher!" Sophie's Mom.
Janna is a gifted teacher who approaches her students with great love. She is always encouraging and positive, she teaches her students to take to take responsibility and pride in what they do, and she works with them through any difficulties with great patience. We have taken classes from her for several years now, and our son has visibly grown as a piano player while actually enjoying in and getting inspired by working with Janna. We are lucky to have her teach and inspire our son. - Nicholas's father.
"Sujay has been learning piano from Mrs. Janna for the last three years. I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude and satisfaction to Mrs. Janna for teaching my son piano - Sujay has come a long way! Mrs. Janna is a perfectionist with lots of patience and very good teaching skills. She corrects all their subtle errors. She always motivates her students to continuously practice piano and achieve excellence." Sujay's Mom.