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Russian music teacher offering private piano lessons in Cupertino, West San Jose, Saratoga and Los Altos. Beginners and intermediate level adults as well as children are welcome.

Learning to play the piano helps open your mind and improves concentration, mental sharpness, and ability to learn!

The classes are conducted in the best traditions of Russian and American music schools.  Lessons are customized to each child's specific needs and development. The methodology is based on the latest breakthroughs in the area of education of children with different levels of music skills.

Students are required to participate in studio recitals and Piano Auditions of National Guild of Piano Teachers. They can also request a personalized preparation program for "Certificate of Merit" award and various piano competitions in CA. 

- Music teacher experience: 25 years in Russia and 14 years in USA 
- Bachelor's and Master's degree in Music (Credentials evaluated by World Education Services, Inc.) 
- Member of Music Teacher Association of CA 
- Member of National Guild of Piano Teachers 

Lessons are taught in 30, 45 and 60 minute time slots.A discount is provided for siblings living in the same household and for one-income families. Time will be agreed upon at the time of the initial interview. 

  Phone: (650) 776 - 7940
  Email: usmanova.janna@gmail.com
"Janna is different from all piano teachers Joy had before. She emphasizes every single detail of each piece and focuses on improving Joy's overall piano techniques. Janna is also caring, encouraging and positive, which not only increases Joy's confidence in her piano skill, but also motivates her to take more challenging music pieces. Joy has been a shy girl and always reluctant to show off anything. But she voluntarily showed off her piano pieces she learned from Janna during a Christmas party. That was a big change. I wish Joy had learned piano from Janna earlier." - Joy's Mom.
  "Janna has been teaching my daughter Katerina for three years. Since we started, Katerina participated in California competitions, recitals and received several awards. Janna has many years of teaching experience, great teaching technique and a wonderful personality. She finds a special approach to each child to make sure that all her students constantly improve their skills. Katerina enjoys learning piano and I attribute it to Janna’s talent of being a great teacher.” - Katerina's Mom.
"When my daughter, Shania, was 5 and half, I started asking around for a piano teacher. Janna was strongly recommended by a friend who had worked with many piano teachers just to find the best one for her daughters. She told me she can tell her daughters' great improvement in both technique and attitudes after Janna's teaching. Janna is also her two daughters’ favorite teacher, but that's not because Janna is the nicest one. Janna is strict, but in a very reasonable way. At the same time, she knows how to motivate kids to go to the next stage. Now Shania is learning piano from Janna for a little over 9 months. She learns fast, and I can see the result. One thing great about Janna is that she would keep reminding me that it's not easy for a young kids to learn a new skill. I have to be patient and be supportive. I have to say, Janna is not only teaching Shania, but I also benefit a lot from her. These days, from knowing nothing about music to now Shania can look at the notes and start playing. Shania had her 1st recital last December and 1st competition this April, and soon she will take her 1st audition in May. Thanks to Janna, I am really proud of my daughter to be able to accomplish all these within a short period. To me, Janna is the best. I highly recommend Janna to any parents who is looking for a great piano teacher for their kids." - Shania's Mom
"Janna has a true commitment to excellence, both for herself and for her students. She understands the needs of her students regardless to their age and level. My children are 17 and 11 years old and they have been taking classes for the past eight years, yet they always love coming to her classes and look forward to every moment. Janna is very loving and caring and takes interest in selecting each and every song for them. In addition, she is very gifted at preparing children in the technicalities of paino, as well as putting their emotion into the songs. This great teaching has led them to great success everywhere like the National Piano Guild Exams and in competitive situations. Janna is a wonderful teacher, and she takes pride in teaching our children." Preeya and Rahul's Mom.
"Janna is a wonderful Piano teacher. My two children took lessons from her from a very young age. Her method combines discipline and encouragement for the children and they like the class and the teacher. She breaks complex pieces into simple steps for learning them and pushes the children to practice regularly. As they learn the piece, she starts polishing their performance by focusing on dynamics and the finer points of that musical piece. In just a few months time, my kids are able to learn fairly difficult and wonderful compositions and perform them confidently. This instills a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride in them." Sachin and Ashwin's Dad.